Short and mildly spicy

So this post is terribly late and I have no real excuse. Well I kinda do but I won’t use it because it mainly just comes down to being completely lost as to what to write. Writing about my life so far has been easy. As soon as my dad died while I was in... Continue Reading →

The 792 stages of grief

I have tried a million ways to start this post. I couldn't figure out why it was so hard. What point was I tying to get across with this one? I've written this whole post twice and hated them both. I started it from different directions: With a joke! With a metaphor about life being... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about trust, baby

So we have coasted through the years now, and with it, all the juicy bits that have really shaped me throughout the last 5 years. I mentioned with my first relationship that it planted a seed of mistrust somewhere deep in my soul. My second relationship only fed that seed and grew it into a... Continue Reading →

Let me introduce myself…

If you asked me a year ago where I’d be now, I probably wouldn’t have any idea, because I’m not really much of a forward thinker. But it would have been something pretty similar to what I was doing back then; driving to work, the day after my boyfriend’s birthday, deliberating in paranoia if he hung... Continue Reading →

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