Short and mildly spicy

So this post is terribly late and I have no real excuse. Well I kinda do but I won’t use it because it mainly just comes down to being completely lost as to what to write.
Writing about my life so far has been easy. As soon as my dad died while I was in Vietnam all I wanted to do was write about it. It helped me process it, and it was just all so much. It has been a lot.
But dealing with death will always be a big thing to process, and I’m glad that you all came along on the journey with me. I didn’t know this event would encourage so much support from people, and shared experiences. I had people write to me saying they lost their parent and how hard it was and I had people I hadn’t heard from in years say they also had been in a bad relationship and reading about mine had made them feel less alone.

Anyone who knows me face to face will know that I care a lot about people, probably to a fault. It gives me hectic anxiety sometimes because I am a ‘fixer’, and some things can’t be fixed. But I just want this blog to be a platform to feel less alone in my story, and if just one person could get something positive from it, or feel less alone or crazy, then it’s honestly worth it.

I also realised that I shared a whole lot about my life in this thing and then I encouraged everyone to read it. Bold move Hannah. Now people who I work with know how I lost my virginity, so that’s good.

But thank you all for reading. I mainly just wanted to post this to say thank you, and to close out this chapter on my life because I think I need to stop reliving it now.
I know I might seem like a badass tough bitch (I do in my head anyway), but , I cried the first time that someone I didn’t know read my blog and messaged me saying they enjoyed it.

Everyone’s support means so much.
I’m discovering new things about myself all the time, and one thing that has become wildly apparent is that if I give myself a deadline, even if it’s doing this which is something I truly love doing, you better believe I will procrastinate as much as I possibly can.
I want this blog to be something I am proud of, and somewhere that people can come and read and laugh along with me and maybe find some comfort in the fact that our struggles are often easier to deal with when shared. So I will keep writing, hopefully every week, but I can’t promise I will figure out the format or how I want to write these things. Some weeks I might be in the mood to tell you a story. Others I might be feeling like an inspirational goddess and I will lay some of my ‘wisdom’ on you.

Thanks thanks thank-you.

Till next time.

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